By strawhouse

Ten Point Turn

We were supposed to go to Stowe this morning but the lashing sleet and howling wind made that less appealing - as I looked out of the window from my warm comfy bed at 9am! - so I re-booked for tomorrow. 
I'm determined we get out every weekend for a walk as no-one apart from me leaves the house that much in the week but I don't want to drag them out into vile weather and just have a wet, miserable, whingy family. 
So I just dragged Mr K out instead to the post office this morning with some eBay parcels and some Amazon returns of his. 
As we set off the weather wasn't too bad and I regretted not going to Stowe, bemoaning the fact that we were a bit pathetic not going because it was a bit wet and windy at 9am. Halfway down the hill the sleet was horizontal and freezing and I was heartily grateful we hadn't gone to Stowe as the walk down to the gates is a bit blowy at the best of times.
Soaking wet and freezing cold we still stopped to watch this lorry trying to turn round after having ignored the 'Road Closed' signs - as well as the weight limit signs on the roads into town - and set off up our road. It was quite something watching him reverse round the mini-roundabout. What an idiot.
Pizza and ice cream for dinner and The Great British Pot Off (or whatever it's called!)

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