I See a Little Silhouetto

Another day, another family selfie!
When I booked Stowe yesterday the only slot they had available was 9-9.30am. I'd forgotten Mr Tesco was coming between 10-11am so we had to go a little bit late.
I was hoping the ticket people would be on the gate like they were last week and we could pretend it had taken us a long time to walk down. 
But no, there they were at the car park entrance. And there we were, over an hour late for our booked time slot. Oops.
I confidently gave my name to the woman, and when she - predictably enough - couldn't find us on her sheet I feigned surprise and pretended to check my booking confirmation.
"Oops, we were supposed to be here at 9-9.30am. Sorry, I must have got muddled up"
She looked unimpressed but let us in anyway. 
We had such a lovely walk. We let the Little Misses choose which way they wanted to go and they surprised us by going the long way round - right up to the far side of the gardens. And not whinging!!
Well not whinging until one of Miss E's earbuds stopped working so Miss L couldn't share and Miss E wouldn't turn it off and "it's not fair" and "it's not my fault my earphones break" (yes it bloody well is!!!) and Oh. My. God.
After a general stroppy row - not our finest hour - we carried on having a lovely time. 
Home for a bath and many episodes of The Mallorca Files. The Little Misses want to watch all of the first series before the new one starts tomorrow. Miss E's watched them all before but it was new to Miss L and she loved it!
A scrummy roast dinner, another few epsiodes and then bed.
And that was January!

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