By Kipsie

Low key

Reach out & touch somebody's hand (Diana Ross)  v  Reach out I'll be there (Four Tops) . Lyrics I can relate to.

Hubby  has been wanting a Thai pork noodle soup, well, since we got back from Thailand, basically. I've made it once before since we got back. Whereas the Thai's buy this everyday, from the noodle cart vendor on the roadside, or cafe, it's a very popular dish at any time of day, lunch, dinner or after a night out, a staple. We found a really good noodle soup cafe nearby to where we lived so might have a soup twice a week for lunch.  The soup would have a good stock, slices of red pork, boiled pork, slivers of liver, crackling,  noodles, beansprouts, chopped peanuts, sugar, MSG, & chopped coriander leaf,  plus a side of crushed chillies.

Hubby's a bit down in the dumps, commented on my meals over the past few days, not fancying what I'm cooking, so I bought everything I needed to make him a noodle soup in Morrison's yesterday. I spent the best part of this morning preparing the elements of a Thai pork noodle soup, making the stock, marinading the red pork, frying the onions til crispy. Roasting the peanuts. Dividing the pork ribs once the stock was made. Then it was lunch time.
After lunch I checked out Low Key photography on my laptop ... no pets, my only option was hubby. The response to my request was grump grump grump, so I resorted to faffing solo. 

Thanks to carolina for hosting Mono Monday today's challenge Animal/s Low Key. Not sure if I've met the brief.

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