One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

A trixie situation

I thought that photographing a puppy would be a piece of cake but:

a- They're no longer a puppy by the time you insert the memory card into the camera. These things grow at the speed of light. 
b- They never stand still. It's like trying to photograph spinning dervishes on acid. 
c- They produce poos that make your eyes water, even upwind and 250 meters away. 

I had a very pleasant hour on the West Pier with WuggyBear and his cub today, they only pleasant part of a day of annual leave wasted to take the car to Tallafornia to be told at 3pm that there is nothing wrong with it.. Don't get me wrong, I prefer that to being told that it's the coiled thingy-wotsit that has eroded the inversed bracket on the retractable thingy-yoke. And that it is EUR485. Plus VAT. 
So I got off lightly. And I got a complimentary limo transfer from Tallafornia to the West Pier (with a quick pit stop to pick up my swimming togs) and it was great to get a chat with WuggyBear and to get the odd lick on the ear lobe (from Trixie, just so that we are clear). 
But it still felt like a bit of a wasted day of annual leave. Not that there are many exciting alternatives to use it in any other way these days. 
No jetting off to some sunny destination, to dive into the clear blue sea. 

But anyway mass air transportation is a disaster for the environment. And who said that the sea has to be warm to dive into? 

But there is only so much self-delusion one can manage. 

As I listen to the cold wintry rain drumming on the window, I can feel a wave of lockdown fatigue rising and rising. 

Hopefully it will have subsided by tomorrow morning. 

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