Today started off quite well. The Little Misses didn't surface until 7am which is always nice.
Miss E actually spent the night underneath her bed last night! She insisted on putting her quilt under the bed and then draping a blanket over the side to make a den. She got in with her Tinkerbell torch and didn't surface again. I thought we'd hear her crying out in the night when she woke up confused and stuck and banging her head on the slats. But she slept like a log apparently. Strange child!
The day went downhill when I got to the carpark at Tumbletots and somehow managed to drive over a bollard which was lying flat on the ground and somehow made it flip up which somehow pulled the bumper/wing/wheel arch bit off the car and scraped all down the side.
Oh dear.
Handily enough the Toyota garage who did the service on Monday is only a few miles from Tumbletots so I crawled there at about 30mph and asked them if they could have a look at it for me. A very nice man took it away - for so long that I started to get a bit nervous about having to explain to the police and Mr K that I'd given the keys to a random stranger and, no, I have no idea what he looked like....
After Miss L and I had played in the playzone for an hour or so and had a couple of hot chocolates the nice man came back and said everything was fine. He'd pulled off the broken flappy plastic bits and had pushed the wing back into place.
All for free. May I commend Toyota on their customer service!
It looks a bit of a mess but at least it's sorted and didn't cost a fortune.
Unlike the half inch chip that appeared in the windscreen yesterday.
Mr K was very sweet when I called to tell what I'd done. And he bought flowers home for me. What a lovely husband!

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