The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham

Tiny Buttons

An epic fail of a domestic goddess day so far...Tesco delivered the weeks slots are booked about three weeks in advance and I just add £40 worth of goods from my favourites to the basket to reserve the slot then go back later to remove them and order what I actually need...yesterday I forgot and when I realised as I was going to bed I missed the deadline to check out the updated basket!! Oops...what to do with £40 worth of fruit and no other ingredients!

It’s a wet, weary day so I brightened it with some tiny buttons...these are about 8mm in diameter. A remnant from my card making days, I have boxes and tubs full of all sizes and colours but rarely use them these days due to postage costs. The trouble with these sort of shots I find, is getting something pleasingly random!

Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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