By SquirrelsEtc

Mono Monday: Week 367 ....

... low key animal.

There were absolutely no squirrels out in the storm today! So I had to resort to one of my stuffed ones!  My apologies to our host carolina for not posting a real animal today but I was given little choice!

Actually what I just said was a little fib.  I did see some squirrels very early in the morning but they had disappeared by the time I got out to the sunroom ... in my pajamas! I probably missed them by minutes. 

I watched for squirrels all day and when it became clear that they were not to be seen Richard set this sled and stuffed squirrel out in the snow for me.  We have received about 27 inches (68 cm) of snow so far from this storm ... as of Tuesday morning.  Given all the bright snow converting this to a low key mono was difficult.  

Backblipped: February 2, 2021.  I've also back blipped the last several days.  I don't know how I got so behind.  The backblipping starts here.

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