Certain friends are worth their weight in gold. An unexpected gesture of kindness means so much in lockdown. Thank you Fiona you are a treasure.

Special mention to Jackie for walking with me in the drizzle this morning hobbling on her sore toe. I sent her home with homemade pineapple upside down cake for hubby as a thank you for pumping up my flat tyre the other day.

Motivation level was poor today and I’ve not achieved much on my ‘to do list’ at all. I don’t know what it is about rainy grey days I just can’t get going! Anyone else have that problem?

I finally caught up on my blip backlog from 17th to 31st December and 15th to 21st January. I’ve been pretty good at posting daily lately so plan to keep that up.

Tomorrow is an early start as I’m team leader for the car park marshalling for vaccinations again. It’s the Pfizer vaccine this time so less patients per slot. I’ll be on duty 0740 - 0930 then mid morning the following day and stand by for Friday. At least I should be more motivated to get through my ‘to do list’ after the early start!

I’ve been reading up about decluttering and Minimalism after my friend Ali recommended ‘The Minimalists’ Netflix documentary. There’s some great tips on their Facebook page. Highly recommend it!

Photo shows a card with a drawing of Queen Square in Bath positioned next to my gold pine cones and some gold beads from the Christmas decorations I decided to keep out to brighten up my table.

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