Early Morning Sun...

...shining through the window and throwing both light and shade onto our tiled stove.
We got the results from our Covid test yesterday and neither of us has that virus, something we are thankful for.
So it was basically another easy-going day with energy levels still low. Last night I had a sudden burst of energy so around about 11 at night I set off some sourdough pancake mixture to ferment overnight. This morning we cooked about a third of the mix for breakfast. This evening we did another third of the mix to eat with meatballs, mushrooms and onions (extra). I guess tomorrow morning we'll finish it off. Usually I double the quantities in recipes but in this case I think I'll be halving the quantities next time. The sourdough pancakes (recipe) were delicious, eaten sweet or savoury. 
We did a short walk today so my step count amost reached 3000, a fairly derisory number of steps but it's good to be getting some cold fresh air into my system and moving the body a little.
Life goes on fairly gently as we wait for our bodies to kick out whatever bug this is. Patience is a virtue, I've heard!

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