The second half of life..

By twigs

Leap of faith

Another early start simply because I woke up energised and ready for the day.  This fresh, sea air sure is doing me the world of good :)

A little butterfly and bird chasing - trying to figure out how to capture beasties on the wing.  Not very successful in terms of acceptable images, but successful in other ways.......settings, gear, positioning etc.  I do enjoy a challenge.

The beach continued to hold me in it's charms but I knew I needed to move - local rules restrict staying to no more than 3 nights and whilst there's plenty of space, I don't want to get on the wrong side of anyone.  Besides, I've decided that a trip to Cape Kidnappers is on the cards, hopefully tomorrow, AND I need to attend to a few van domestics again.  So off I tootled towards Havelock North.  When I did eventually set off mid-afternoon, Mr. Google told me it would be a two and a half hour journey.  I was very surprised as I thought it was a lot closer but hey ho - need to go.  As a drove though, I noticed that the forecast time was dropping very quickly which seemed odd.  Then I figured why.......I had it set to cycling time not driving time.  Silly me!  It actually took about half an hour (much more realistic) giving me lots of time to enjoy the drive through beautiful countryside.

Parked this evening at Clifton Road Reserve with the ocean once again pounding in just metres from my ears.  It's a different sound here though - the beach is steep and pebbled, not shallow and sandy so the waves sound fiercer and the outgoing water creates interesting sounds as the pebbles are dragged with it.  

Just another day in Paradise.

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