An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy National Golden Retriever Day...

Little Miss Regal sitting like butter wouldn't melt, but have a look at the extras to see what happens when the treat leaves David's hand and heads in her direction! lol

Once we're able to get out into a summer garden I want to try and capture proper action shots of Lola catching her treats.  Should be a giggle :-))

Snowing again here.  Very pretty so maybe scope for some snow shots tomorrow.  Macro lens on standby.

Next lot of wool arrived.  David says I am causing a wool shortage but I know he's secretly happy as it's keeping me occupied and stopping me suggesting jobs he to tackle around the house.  

Got an email from our Health Centre this afternoon referring to the covid vaccine and informing us that David, Alan and I are 'identified within your relevant groups and you will be called by the surgery for your appointments in due course."  Reassuring.

I have my online Tesco order to do now but thought I would blip first because every week when trying to get my order done, our wifi starts playing up!  Drives me nuts.  Here's hoping all will be well tonight!

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