By Missycat

Day 318 The new purchase arrives

I wrote in my journal last week that we had to buy a new car for yours truly as my beloved Freelander would incur a charge every time that I entered the ULEZ expansion area from October this year.  Today the new car arrived.  I say new but I mean 'new to us' as it is a year old.  I remember when I exchanged my old Ford Galaxy for the Freelander in 2013 how amazed I was at the various technical improvements in the new car.  Well today was a similar experience!  So far Mr MC only has driven it, but my turn will come shortly.
In other news: today is Science Experiment Day with Violet and we covered two experiments.  One concerned the layering of different coloured waters, made by mixing   food colouring hot water and varying amounts of sugar.  This was moderately successful and I think we need hotter water.  The second experiment, pictured in extras involved finding out if various substances were acid, base or alkaline.  The surprise was that Diet Coke was not as acid as we thought it would be.
This evening Boris suggested we clap to celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who came to fame in his 100th year for raising over £30 million for NHS charities and who died on yesterday.  We didn't clap but preferred instead to watch a tv tribute to this splendid gentleman.

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