And again

Yet another dreich day and very few meetings to distract me from the email or the view of the sleet.
Decided to force myself out for a quick walk and did a loop down through deserted streets to Princes St.... thought I’d capture the Jenner’s sign before it goes (according to rumour). Bought a cheeky Eccles cake from M&S (and saw they had all sorts of hot cross buns, including cheese & chilli and cheese & marmite...yuk!) then walked home again and settled back down to work for the rest of the afternoon,
Texted with K ....she’s fed up with the one dimensional lives we’re all living at the moment as am I...we’re both heartily sick of it all....and chatted to Mt and family since I’d sent them some new books today. They were eating supper and when I told Mx that I wished I could have some home made chips like his he assured me I’d be able to have some ‘when I was a little bit older’! (Clearly he gets told that a lot!). Mt has some DIY work to do this evening...rather him than me. I decanted yesterday’s bouquet into 3 different vases to spread around, watched an evening opera event, then settled down for some R&R.

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