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# 14 Centre

Today's word in the Dictionary Project is centre (or center in the US spelling). It is defined as:

n the middle point of anything, esp. a circle or sphere; the middle area of anything; a fixed point of reference; the point towards which all things move or are drawn; a nucleus or focal point; a place, institution, etc. devoted to a specified activity; player in a central position (Rugby, football, etc).

Today is my last day in the Dictionary Project. bikerjim takes over tomorrow. I'm looking forward to "freelance" blipping again but I have had loads of fun with this project. I hope you've enjoyed it too.

My weekend has started and I'm going to get back to some serious relaxing...

Origins of the Dictionary Project
I took the baton from Banana Blips on the Dictionary Project. This was initiated by Scattered Polaroids who is currently working on another great project.??If you follow the links above you will see how they both introduced the project and be at the beginning of their entries. The idea is to select a word randomly from the dictionary each day and illustrate it in your blip.

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