By seizetheday


Rain, rain, and more rain! Not even tempted to go for a walk today, though I did venture as far as the post box with our applications for postal votes. The council sent out application forms, and it seemed a good idea to apply given the circumstances.

The van was booked in to the garage in Alnwick for today, to have the damaged back door replaced. But we had a phone call first thing from a very apologetic guy, who who informed us that said door hasn’t arrived as expected. It’s - surprise surprise - in transit, but stuck on a lorry somewhere. New appointment made for a couple of weeks’ time, they’ll contact us if it still hasn’t made it across the Channel. Brexit - the gift that keeps on giving. Or not!

The tiny (compare with the 5p piece) wooden apple was a birthday gift from a talented friend, who “whittles” in her spare time. It’s kept on the dresser next to the small vase, which was brought back from Greece by another friend, many years ago.

Lockdown 3, day 30

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