By seizetheday

Not the cattle market

Once the cattle market, now a car park.

We parked by this old plaque this morning, when we went in to Berwick to meet Annie and Ken at Pier Red for coffee. Haven't seen them for ages, so we each had two coffees and a scone (cake for MrM) - luckily the café wasn't busy so there was no rush to leave, and we had a lot of catching up to do!

As usual it was a multi-purpose trip. We walked down to the Green Shop to buy some essentials, and on the way I popped in to Longbones for some curtain hooks. It was a short drive to a couple more shops where MrM ordered yet more wood, and bought a couple of items for the workshop, and then to the DIY shop on the retail park for a rail for the soon-to-be wardrobe curtain. Phew!

Home for a very late lunch. Not much time after that to work on the curtains before yoga, so little progress today...

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