Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Humber Farmscape

I've been enjoying 'The Safe House' on Netflix with Christopher Eccleston in the main role. It's filmed in the Lake District and the house seems to be down the drive going into Manesty Woods. The scenery is spectacular of course but I was a bit nonplussed when on his way back home he was driving down the road beside Wastwater which is a round trip of forty miles.

I'm satisfied that the blow with the rocket blower has cleared the problem with the SD card on my camera. It's great that it doesn't need to be packed up and sent off.

Following a mixed morning it's been a beautiful afternoon. Some lovely light and dark skies. I went out on the bike just to cover a bit more ground than by walking. I stopped in several places but those lovely trees on the ridge were what attracted me most and I'm pleased that I've managed to include both the barns in this wide shot.

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