Golden light over the Vale of Holmesdale

A morning of chores and maintenance. Changing bedding, cleaning, ironing, Tracing leaks in the conservatory roof and under the sink. Couldn’t clearly see the source of either.

We managed a walk in the afternoon before Susan went to her mum’s to cook her dinner and do all sorts of chores up there. Thank you for your continued supportive comments. Susan appreciates all of them. It’s hard as her mum seems to expect Susan to be there and do everything. We’re waiting for the next crisis, they bite you on the bottom when you’re least expecting it and usually out of hours too.

It was a beautiful day, mild and sunny with a lovely golden light as the sun set this evening. It looks as if it’s going to change dramatically over the next 24 to 36 hours meaning we could have snow on Sunday.

In the absence of any rugby refereeing, it’s good to have the Six Nations back again. I’m looking forward to the first weekend.

No ill effects from the vaccine apart from a slightly sore bit around the injection site.

Friday night treats about to start...

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