By Teasel

Windblown Goosander

Yet another dreich day.  I took things easy this morning, in fact I took things easy pretty much all day.  I started with a few chores then just as I was about to pop out I had a call from work.  Thankfully it didn’t take much sorting out and I do hope another colleague has now picked it up.  I then eventually got out to pick up a few bits and pieces I needed for lunch and tea.
After lunch I eventually dragged myself out for a wee walk, though I wasn’t keen to go out in the dreich-ness again.  I was glad to get home to dry off and warm up.  While tea was cooking I watched the last episode of it’s a Sin – definitely the best thing I have watched on TV in a long time.
Later TT had his regular Friday whisky Zoom call, BB was on his X Box and I was looking for something to watch.  A friend suggested the Marvellous Mrs Maisel, so I gave it a go.
The river is still really full.  The ducks, swans, gulls and goosanders were all lined up on the riverbank, facing into the cold easterly wind.

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