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By Sallymair

The blue envelope

We were delighted when these arrived today, both at the same time in the same place, that's organisation. Hopefully there'll be disabled parking too so I can be near the entrance as I think I'll still be hirpling a bit, but lovely to see these land on the mat today.
A lazy day for us (again) today. I'm doing fine but do tire easily. I've done my exercises twice, so once more to do before bedtime.
Katy popped in briefly to pick up some post that needed to go to the post office. The four of them spent the afternoon at Cramond today. I'm sure the girls will have enjoyed the freedom to run and use up some energy. Kathryn says they were wearing ALL of their clothes. No snow here but a biting wind and cold showers. A year ago today I landed in India and spent the day by the pool and on the beach.
In mind of that and of the vaccine news I donated the cost of a box of basic vaccines to Unicef as a thank offering. We have covid to worry about, in so many countries they have to deal, not only with that but with many such life threatening viruses. Our vaccines here are free and in good supply, we are so lucky. The box contains :
25 doses of measles vaccines
40 doses of tetanus vaccines
30 doses of polio vaccines
A large vaccine carrier – to keep the vaccines cold and effective.... not bad for around £30.

Keep safe everybody, we're winning I think. Not to mention the Calcutta Cup!!!!!

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