By dunkyc

Bi-weekly Bardsea

It was time for our bi-weekly trip to Ulverston to collect The Eldest and as has become the routine, we took a run out to Bardesea once more.

This time, we did not linger as the wind was blowing an icey “hooligan” (thank you ferryoons) which went right through you. We attempted some President Teddy footage, but it was simply too cold and blowy to continue, so we completed our foray in double quick time.

Like many at the minute, the day simply slipped by and before we knew it, we’d had our fish n chips delivered and were watching The Masked Singer semi-final.

Once the children were in bed, I thought I’d spend a little while doing some editing of Episode 2 of D versus The Bear, only to really get into it and finish it! The Eldest popped in to say good night, so watched a little of what I had done and she was giggling in all the right places, so I’m going to claim that as a positive test audience response!

Stay healthy.

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