By trisharooni

A Couple of Blokes

I mentioned yesterday that several businesses are closing in Blackheath.
This garage is one of them, not because of Covid, but because there is to be a new petrol station and supermarket, I think..
So the owner (in extras), a very nice guy and a popular local has had to clean up.
He had plenty of notice, but has left it til the last minute and spent the last few days removing many cars and parts. I think he's nearly there, but when I looked in today he was clearly exhausted.
Isbi and I have plundered the garage for it's photographic possibilities many times, the last one I did is here.

The main blip is of Derek, who I suspect had dropped in to wish him well and maybe give him a hand.

I guess most people will applaud the new generic complex, but I will miss this characterful business..

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