Plus ça change...

By SooB


Again, the forecast was way off. A day with enough sun to enable some sitting outside, making it easier to keep an eye on the poorly hen. The well hen now just wanders into the dining room if we don’t keep an eye on her - undeterred by the bead curtain.

Some gardening: sowing last year’s coriander harvest (split between the poly tunnel - optimistically, and a heated seed tray) and finally the grapevines on the terrace had their haircut. Unfortunately the fairy lights under the terrace roof were also lightly pruned... (they look very like vine tendrils!)

After a renewed attack on my office, sorting out a drawer-of-many-things that I have not looked in since we left Scotland, time for slow cooked lamb shoulder and fancy mash and so many trimmings that we will be eating the same meal tomorrow (and possibly Tuesday). No bad thing. The Ottolenghi menu continues, and fresh supplies of harissa just arrived too to spice things up.

Later, TallGirl was Dungeon Master for a D&D quest. Apparently we weren’t doing it right and you’re supposed to act quickly when attacked and not sit around chatting for 15 minutes about who has the best axe.

That somehow took us through to the time CarbBoy has to head upstairs for an appointment with the international world of gaming, and the rest of us post-mortemed the relative power of our axes.

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