Plus ça change...

By SooB

Green jumper(s)

Wearing one, kitting one. I struggle with the light in the evening for knitting. The living room is not well lit (mainly because the rabbits ate all the standard lamps) and however I position a desk lamp it ‘dazzles’ Mr B. So I have a clip lamp on a bendy stalk that I loop around my neck. I don’t imagine I look very classy, but I’m not making so many mistakes!

Sad morning. Our sick hen died last night. The other hen is just wandering about looking confused and, honestly, a bit depressed. Though that could have been the rain. I spent some time digging up worms for her this afternoon, but there was none of the normal chirruping and chat. I guess that wasn’t ever directed at me.

We’ll need to get her some new pals, but Mr B isn’t quite ready for that yet.

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