Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Why did we come out here Florence?

I had asked to go out of the back door and our human SHE would not let me. Then Daddy opened the front door to take a picture and me and Florence dashed outside. Florence was a good girl and went straight back in when she was called. I decided to go for a walk down the lane. Well, my feet were soon very cold and very wet so I went into the garden and to the back door; no one let me in! Then eventually our human Mummy saw me and I came in and straight into one of my beds to get warm again.

The extra shows me about to set of down the lane for my walk with Florence investigating the snow.
I am not sure why this white stuff has come back, but my human Mummy seems to like it. She will not be happy if it prevents the courier from bringing some more white stuff, her white yarn, which I will not be allowed to play with.
So it looks as though we will not be able to play outside again today. Stay safe and indoors doggie and pussy friends, especially if you have this white stuff.
The temperature at noon will be minus two degrees Celsius, but it has been snowing all morning so another sparkly white row.  

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