By seizetheday


On the sixth day, when the precipitation finally paused for a while, MrM and I took the opportunity to get out for a proper walk. We set off on the Humbleton round but, not surprisingly, it was flooded at one point where a 'new' stream was rushing between gate gaps in the wall on either side. Much more water, and much deeper than it looks on the Blip - we would have needed waders to get across. So we took a detour and climbed up the hillside beside the stream, and went a bit further than necessary until we found its source (see extra). An interesting detour that took us on to parts of the hill that we haven't explored before, and on to a new-to-us path over to the Common.

From the track we could see the extent of the water on the flood plain (extra), although it's not as bad as last night when the bridge across the River Till was impassable. Some odd things to be seen on the plain this afternoon. Two new-looking vans and a red car, all a considerable distance from any road, abandoned in the water. Not the sorts of vehicles used by farmers, and no locals would have been mad enough to drive through the muddy, flooding fields - we wonder if they belong to poachers. Then something even more bizarre - someone was kite surfing in the flood water, surely a hazardous occupation given the number of barbed wire fences!

Good to spot two red squirrels on our way past the Common. And good to get home just before it started snowing...

(A year ago - the last concert we went to before the first lockdown started.)

Lockdown 3, day 34

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