Fun in the Snow

So the snow settled overnight - although there wasn't a great deal of it.  It continued snowing through much of the day, but small flakes which didn't add much depth.  The lakes and puddles remained liquid, so our walk across the field (the first time we risked it for some time) was still soggy and soft.

At least some people were enjoying the conditions and making the most of it.

Because it was still snowing when we went out, I took the weather sealed DSLR rather than the little Lumix.  Nevertheless, I took care to keep it as dry as possible (it's getting on a bit and I don't want to trust ageing seals too much), but didn't notice that some water had got on to the filter in front of the lens. As a result the majority of my photographs this afternoon were wrecked by water blobs.  A rather elementary mistake.

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