By dunkyc

Point of collapse

I mentioned a few days back that I struggle to complete anything.

Then I was going on about finishing the first episode of a little pet project of mine. Today, I finished the writing of all of it and now feel like I have a solid five episodes. Naturally, it would be lovely if as many people as possible watched it, but to be honest, I’ve just enjoyed the process of working with Samm and putting the whole darned thing together. Tonight being a case in point as we collapsed in tears of laughter whilst recording the last three episodes.

A year ago, I would never have even attempted to try and do something like this (apathy and an absence of time not working in my favour), let alone record a few notes of my own composing and add those into the mix. It’s been so much fun so far and a very welcome distraction. I am indebted to Samm for indulging me.

Work is starting to gather pace too, with lots of promising discussions all under way at the same time. It’s a given that they will not all lead somewhere, but it certainly keeps things interesting as “the process” progresses.

There were some half-hearted attempts at snowing today, but it seemed like the perfect excuse to don my big coat and have a scamper up the castle. Would you believe that there was even a trace of some blue skies? 

If that doesn’t make for a blip-worthy addition, I don’t know what does!

Stay healthy.

D versus The Bear - Episode 2 

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