Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Warp and Weft

warp and weft
of shadows on stone
of clothworkers

One Street #12

One of the pieces of street history that we walk past every day, this is a memorial stone at the corner of what was Bradford Technical School, later College.

As the archive puts it: "The purpose of the School was clearly to support local industries, "technical, scientific, artistic and general instruction in the various processes involved in the production of Worsted, Woollen, Silk and Cotton fabrics ..." Four departments were created: Textiles, Art and Design, Engineering, and Chemistry and Dyeing." Which makes it evident why, in the city at the centre of the global wool trade, it was opened by the Master of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers.

This is now the Old Building of Bradford College, but both the College and the University next door find a common origin in the earlier Technical School.

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