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By Sallymair

Action shot

By the time I went to bed last night it was clear there was a lot of snow on the way and sure enough I woke to a beautiful white world. We've had about 4 or 5 inches over the day I think. Wonderful for the children. Kathryn sent me a lovely wee video of Isobel sliding down a slope on her sledge. She stopped really well at the bottom using that age old method of tipping sideways and falling off the sledge! Peels of laughter, I remember it well! I'm so glad their mum is off with them this week and they can enjoy the fun.
There have been more birds visible around the feeders today and I ventured out cautiously onto the wonderfully crunchy, virgin snow to put some food on an open dish for the Robin. He can just about manage the fat balls but the tray was much easier for him. The pigeons were very pleased too - greedy things.
We had bridge this evening which was fun as ever. Nice to see people and be able to interact with them on screen.
I took this action shot of the snow falling to send to a friend in India. I'll always remember being with somebody the first time they saw snow. Watching an adult's wonder as the flakes fell and their surprise that it didn't feel like cotton wool.

Keep well and safe everybody.

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