Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Da da!

I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone today and use the old method of making a snowball and roll it till it got bigger and make it into a snowman. I reckoned I could kill two birds with one stone and roll the snow on the path so that the path was cleared too! Result! Sadly though I failed at the first hurdle, the snow was so dry that it wouldn't roll and gather more.
Back to the drawing board I had to get my hands cold, please note that I was protecting my left leg though and wearing my compression bandage! Also, the raw materials for the option of applying a cold pack were to hand if needed.
I was quite pleased with my androgynous snow person. Couldn't quite decide which hat to go with although the Boden scarf looks good. That stick pipe though is a family heirloom. We found it in about 1985 when making a snowman with Kathryn. It has reappeared for every snowperson ever since.
Keep safe and well everybody, I think the weather is due to change tomorrow but I've given up believing forecasts at the moment. Hope there's not too much snow as we have to go to Ingliston for our jabs. Big excitement, official permission to go out in the car..... Woo hoo.... not that I'm able to drive at the moment.

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