By Veronica

Just checking

Baby steps ... this mosaic lark is a slow process. I was completely dissatisfied with what I'd done. I decided I was being too ambitious, so I scrapped my plans and decided to do another practice piece based on a checkerboard pattern. I could have done with a couple of lighter colours, but I didn't want to buy more tiles specially for it, so I worked with what I had. This is just a rough layout to try out the colours; I haven't glued anything yet. Good practice for cutting neatly and getting your tiles lined up! There are some wobbly bits here but I'll redo them for the real thing.

Yesterday we went to S and T's for table tennis (S) and coffee (me).  We'd put it off several times because of the weather. S managed to win a game -- amazing! -- but then he yanked a tendon and had to call a halt. He could barely walk but felt better after a hot bath and some Ibuprofen.

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