A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover


I am lover of all things nostalgic; I keep photos, tickets and general momentos that I look at when I feel sad or homesick or whenever I am happy.

I like being able to look back and see how much has changed. I like the memories that come with keepsakes because they are always happy ones. I like looking at photos and seeing how much my friends, family and myself have changed in appearance. I love memories, they are important to me.

I'm having a day where I am missing my boyfriend and my friends and I saw this on my shelf. This dried (and well preserved) flower lives on my shelf above my desk and it makes me smile every time I see it. It is from the bunch of flowers my boyfriend gave me on my birthday; my very first bouquet of flowers and they were incredibly beautiful.

This flower reminds me of my boyfriend and so many memories come to mind when I look at it. I've shared some of the happiest moments of my life with my boyfriend and this flower makes me think of them all.

I love the power that momentos have; they can make you smile, they can make cry and they can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Momentos are beautiful because they unique.

This past year has been the best of my life.

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