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Woke to another grey day but no wind. Apparently February is the ‘worst’ month in this area.

We did a spot of food shopping- urgent need for Worcestershire sauce for tonight’s mushroom stew. This meant a visit to our local ‘Tesco’ aka Food Co. They e been having a load of problems with supply post brexit and a lot of fresh food, cooked meats and bread products have been held up at customs. Fortunately, there was plenty of Worcestershire sauce but I lucked out on lazy garlic and. Flat bread. Surprisingly, there was a load of ( southern ?)Irish gammon, butters and cheeses. All at good prices.

An afternoon walk. Trying to get the distance up and the time down. Naturally, the sun started shining resulting in a rather sweaty me.

A wee sunset snifter on the patio to round off the day.

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