I passed a couple of hours this morning working through the financial stuff to put it in some sort of order.  The trouble is we tend to hang on to the paperwork and I am sure the older stuff could go through the shredder.  I took a break at lunchtime and walked over to Jenny's for our weekly lunchtime walk (with a Danchino's pizza of course!)  I bumped in to JeanneB53 on my way over and we chatted about families and vaccinations.  It's been another extremely cold day with smashing blue sky and bright sunshine so, wrapped up warm, we were glad to be out in it.

I walked home via Dolphin Lane to avoid the main road and the traffic.  I had been warned that it was a bit of an ice rink, the stream having frozen, but the sun had been on it all morning so it was crunchy rather than slippy.  The dusting of snow we had overnight had disappeared from the sunny sides of the surrounding hills, but remained behind the walls and in the shade, so it was very pretty.

My blip is taken from the viaduct overlooking Hewenden Reservoir, with that contrast between snow dusted fields and those in the sun, and the bright light glinting off the ice on the water.  Looks better in large.

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