Hanullis Tree Project

By HanulliTree

The Hanulli Tree

"Excuse me, can you help us? Can you tell us where we are? We got lost," Paul and Pia asked the stranger.
"Sure," Franz answered. "You are at the Hanulli Tree."
"If you use the app What3words? Than you can find it with the words hilariously.overnight.accesses. Or I show you the location on your map."
"What's a Hanulli Tree?" Pia asked.  
"It's a project of my friend Hanulli. She is photographing this beautiful oak since approximately three years and she has collected almost 400 pictures of this tree. You can have a look at its own Homepage. But there are a lot of captures still missing. She is the most disorganised and chaotic person I know. I wonder if she ever add those missing photos to her blip journal.
I think she and her little Hanulli photographer will arrive soon. They want to blip the tree in honour of the 100th blip. It's beautiful today with the sunshine and the snow. It is equal to the day when this project started.
I think they will produce a lot of blips today. You can see them here"
"Thank you. That's crazy. Have a nice day"

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