Archie hasn’t been out for a few days. Because it’s too bloody muddy and rainy. But I really had to take him today and, according to the BBC, there would be a short interval in the incessant rain before 2pm so off we went to the woods near Stowe.
Oh. My. God.
It was soooooo muddy. See extras for an extra muddy close up.
Archie loved it, I felt like I was taking part in some awful SAS training exercise!
I couldn’t face walking back through the woods so I walked round them across the fields instead.
That was just as bad. Ankle deep boggy swamp floods the whole way.
I might have to give it a miss up there for a while.
Archie had a shower when we got back. You’d think we were hosing him down with ice water canons the way he looks at us equally horrified and indignant.

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