By PicturePoems

In my crystal ball

... I saw a future new pink bloom on Mrs B's anthurium. At the moment it's just a bud. Had a fun time playing with the crystal ball that Family B gave me for my birthday last month. Of course, the convex surface inverts the image, but I've rotated this shot through 180 degrees in Photoshop and given it a dark, contrasting background.

My Extra is of a plant I'd never met before: a succulent called Porcelain Flower or Wax Flower (Hoya linearis). It's a thin-leafed, fine-stemmed dangly plant. I didn't know its name until today when I spotted tiny white flowers appearing at the ends of its long stems. Thanks, as ever, to Anni for hosting the Flower Friday challenge.

Colder today. The snow remains, but whereas yesterday it was soft and powdery, today it's crisply frozen. Lots of bird activity in the garden, now that the bird count is safely over - ha ha!

Even if it feels no different from any other day, enjoy your evening and the coming weekend, blipmates.

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