Flower Friday

These tulips are amazing! I bought them two weeks ago and they only now beginning to go over. Think it had some thing to do with the advice I had, to give them freshwater with a little bit of sugar ;-) Thanks Sue, cos it works ;-)

Aerobics this morning. What Wendy (the instructor) calls a fill in routine. It was salsa based which was great fun. I know my hips and legs have been exercised today! Did a bit of shopping after a reviving mug of coffee. Then a bit of faffing with the tulips in the porch, which doubles as a photo studio. Well the camera was in there on the tripod, and the tulips on a small table, with the sun shinning behind them, and the background I had used.

Thank you for calling in, and for your comments and rewards, much appreciated as always. Have a super weekend whatever you are up to, don't forget it is St. Valentines Day on Sunday ;-)  Take care, stay safe :-) x

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