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By HeidiAndDolly

Reading Time, Part 2

It was SUCH a beautiful day! I got almost nothing done! The day started with a beautiful sunrise. See Extra photo. Taken from an upstairs window. I would like to start my morning sunrise walks again, now that they’re happening earlier. But since current lockdown rules only allow exercise once a day I’d rather do that later in the day.

I DID finally finish my latest jigsaw puzzle during a Zoom meeting (listening only). New out of the box. And 3 pieces missing! I’m searching my floor to make sure I haven’t lost them. otherwise, how does THAT happen? See second Extra photo.

It was so sunny I decided to ignore my intended projects and I bundled up in my warmest coat and hat etc and sat outside with a cup of tea, blanket, hot water bottle and my latest book. It was wonderful. Even though cold I was sheltered and warm enough - just - in the sun. About 45 minutes later as the sun got lower I started to get cold so I went in (still with coat on) and made a flask of coffee and headed down to the lake.

The lake was still mostly frozen, as were the (normally) muddy paths. It makes for easy walking! I sat in my favourite spot and enjoyed the sun on my face while I drank my coffee and ate some cake. I read a bit more of my book while I sat there. But that didn’t last long because it started to get more windy and I was cold! So I walked more and enjoyed the setting sun, hardly seeing a soul. All in all I was outside for 3 hours, which isn’t too bad considering it hardly got above freezing! In fact, with the windchill it had a ‘real feel’ of about -12C.

I’m doing fairly well these days. But I have to say that being outside, walking and soaking up the sun and the beauty, listening to the birds - my ‘mental health monitor’ goes up many notches!

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