Fun on the slopes

Most of the morning was taken up with the annual heating service here and at Doreen’s. Why is it after a service that the boiler starts to play up?

Last year the pilot light kept going out for a couple of weeks then was OK for the rest of the year. The same is happening this time.

While I was involved in all matters heating Susan was toasty warm in her studio, at least it was when the heater had been on for a few minutes. Apparently, water was freezing on her paint brush when she first went in there.

We got out for a good long walk, managing to capture this joyful scene in the Woodland Trust. Great snow, firm and dry. Probably the last day as clouds were building in the west as we crunched home in our spikes over icy roads.

We saw some interesting shapes in snowdrifts on one section of the route that’s exposed to the brisk north easterlies we’ve been having. Snow was blown through vegetation into lines and furrows with mini cornices overhanging the path.

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