By Colstro

Dog lead, no dog

We only went out briefly today, between trying to sort out my wife's non-functioning email (sent messages not arriving at their destination), and afternoon tea with friends (via Zoom).

I didn't manage to solve the email problems, but I have set up a temporary interim solution while I investigate further.  Afternoon tea was good with lots to chat about.  We had a lengthy phone call with our son this evening (lots of catching up to do) and then a Valentine's dinner courtesy of Tesco (I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but we preferred to have a special meal on a Saturday evening rather than Sunday).

One of these walkers we saw in the park appeared to be carrying a dog lead, but I saw no sign of the dog.  The intense cold meant that the ground was forzen hard which made the walking a lot easier than the soft mud we have been so used to in the last few weeks. There is still a little snow left on the ground, but it is gradually going. Warmer weather after the weekend will soon see it all disappear.

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