By TynvdB

First things first. It was clear that time had come to do things differently. If only a little bit. So, after tea in the bedroomsun, I wrote my yesterdays journal and after that I enjoyed breakfast and espresso in the warm indoor sun. Outside still cracking freezing cold (-15C). Then a combined reading of Needleman and Merton. Very illuminating. I will tell you later.
Before midday I was ready for my polarexpedition. No hesitation, en route for the last Sunny white riversidewalk. But thats where We went on Wednessday. Don’t you remember? No problem. No repetition, there  will be differences, You will see. Yes, now I put on a double pair of socks in my wellies. Did it help? A little bit. But again today I had to go very carefully. Icy spots could surprise anywhere. Sometimes I would prefer ploughing through to thick loose snowmass.
It was delicious to sit on one, two benches, closing my eyes for the fierce sun. It stayed bitter cold. Probably for the last time today. Tomorrow seems to give ice-rain, no sun. Thats why I’m here at the riverside now. No wind, only shrieking of the rolling and colliding icefloes. I made my picture at my turningpoint. I would need  extra  time get back home dilligently.
After a late lunch I rested for a while, then I went to the workingroom. I had promised Mischa to try out our submission of successiontax return.  And well, I did it, overcoming my childish fears and aversions. Really, a satisfying and succesfull try out, less complicated than I feared. It is bettrer to learn to conquer your own experience than loosing time and money  by searching for expensive experts, who will  ask you for the same data you are filling in yourself now.
So, and now it’s time for a goodnighttea and a fine book to read, warmly under my Old Granny’s  pure woollen blankets. After this long Sunday my reading could well end soon in a nodding off. Good Night!

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