By DonnaWanna

Mono Monday - Friend

Toto is my dear friend. We are together 24/7 and he knows me and I know him and we still like each other ;o). I was looking at this shot and thinking - Is that a rug or is it Toto...he’s a hairy beast!!  I didnt notice that the theme was Hi Key Friend so I’ve had to hi key it with an app (or two)! :o)
There’s a better look at my friend in extras, he was so hot after the morning walk he couldn't even shy away from the camera!! Lol

Its been an extreme day in more ways than one. Mondays are proving to be extremely busy and today was no exception!!!  It was extremely hot too, something like 37c ugh!! I’m weary after all that and have to do it all again tomorrow so I need to shuffle off to bed. We've been watching a bit of Ted Lasso, its so funny it kept me awake!! ;o) Big thanks for the love for the lovely dovey last night! :o)xxx

Thanks to Carolina for hosting MM ;O) 

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