By schorschi


Looks like the end of the big freeze is nigh but it was still very cold on this evening's walk around the village quarry lakes. The lakes themselves are only semi frozen and certainly not capable of taking human weight. The ice hockey pitch is in one of the quarries but it's a very large puddle.

Haven't done this walk since the summer and saw that one of the four lakes has now been plastered with a number of signs (see extra photo) saying it is now an Aquaculture food producing lake and entry is only allowed at own risk, no open fires, no dogs AND no textile-free (FKK in German). This was the lake that was used by the majority of FKK followers. Note - it doesn't ban entry nor swimming.

There is also signage that this new food business is sponsored financially by the EU through the development fund for rural communities which in turn is managed by the Bavarian State government. Not for one minute do I believe the sponsorship requires any of the above bans but is being used to make a non-existent link to frighten off people from a certain person,

The Bavarian Constitution and the Water Rights Laws requires every river and lake be freely accessible to the public regardless of the land ownership, with a very few exceptions including fish farms where the pond/lake is regularly emptied to harvest the fish (as happens on a big scale in northern Bavaria with carp farms). This quarry lake can never be emptied as it's fed by groundwater.

As to the FKK bit, it has always been accepted in Germany but was formally made legal in 2013, generally with councils designating certain areas. It is as far as I know only councils who can ban FKK and property owners do not have this right. I suspect in off-beat areas, the Bavarian 'moral' laws would apply, the Constitution saying that everything is allowed unless against the law or morals. So it would be up to people to make an official complaint of "indecency" to the police.

It seems very petty as the majority of FKK followers are elderly and are generally very unobtrusive. Recently saw reports that the very well known naturists bathing areas right in the centre of Munich's huge English Garden are becoming less used by the younger generations.

Doesn't really bother me as we never use the lakes for bathing! But I suspect some will now be blaming the EU for the naked ban!

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