Oxford Mass Vaccination Centre

I clockwatched all day so as not to be late for my Covid vaccination this evening and at bright sunset, when it was time to leave, it suddenly started to pour with rain. I used some of my contingency time getting into my bike waterproofs, more of it missing a turning and yet more of it stopping to take a photo of an auspicious rainbow (not a good phone pic, but in extras for the mood). But I arrived on time and volunteer 1 passed me on to volunteer 2 about two metres away, who passed me on to volunteer 3, another two metres on and so on. Not surprising they don't need more volunteers! 

Usually when I have a vaccination I look the other way and pinch my leg so as to be in control of the 'pain'. Today, after my training, I watched the needle go in and felt not a thing. So even if I never get to volunteer, there's a win.

On my way out I talked with the St John Ambulance volunteers so if I do end up volunteering, I know where things are and how this particular site works.

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