By SamAgainPlease


My nephew (an intelligent, accomplished, well educated young man) visited us some years ago when our son was about 2 or 3 and commented "He's about the same mentality as a dog I guess".  It made me think, for a little bit... "Sort of..." is about as good as I could answer then and now.

Ellie of course cannot read this sign, let alone interpret it, but some of us would like to believe she can.  Truth is, she's never done her business in this mulch covered flower bed.  But then she's never done it in any other flower bed, mulch covered or not.

I some times ask Ellie "Penny for your thoughts" to which my partner usually chips in, if she's in earshot, "I've told, she hasn't got any".  And she's the one who bought me this sign...

Humans are odd...

My nephew's a father now in his own right (twice over in fact living in a country where his children have always spoken two languages at home, one day English, the next Japanese).  I wonder what he thinks now?  I shall ask....

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