By Mrsmacdub

Korimako and Piwakawaka

There are a lot of power boxes dotted around the streets of Auckland.  These carry varying amounts of electricity to power many different properties around the community.  The large ones convert electricity from 11,000 volts down to 400 volts.  The smaller ones convert the supply from 400 volts down to 230 volts, suitable for the home.  The nice thing about these power boxes is that just about all of them have been painted in all sorts of interesting and artistic designs, and so are very pleasing to the eye.  I took a photo of both sides of a power box in Parnell today.  One side has a painting of the Korimako/Bellbird (main photo) and the other of the Piwakawaka/Fantail (additional photo), both of which are native New Zealand birds -

I think they are rather nice “paintings” and much better than looking at what is an ugly green box.  The artist is Paul X Walsh.

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