Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Joe Tree Day

A tree to celebrate the inspired idea of Joe Tree to start Blipfoto. Thanks Cailleach for reminding us and for hosting Wild Wednesday each week. And thanks to everyone on this lovely site.

There are lots of trees here but I think you'll know the main one intended. It's leaning at a jaunty angle over the footpath at Back Walk. But it has been for over 100 years so I think it's safe.

Having felt energetic yesterday I'm back to feeling really tired. I'm attributing this to the after effects of the vaccination though that was a week ago now. So I'll be spending a lot of today pottering till yoga. And then an evening meeting. I'm not good with evening online but I don't think it'll be more than an hour or so.

Apparently it's also Random Acts of Kindness Day. I don't think kindness should be confined to one day in the year but I'll maybe try to be extra kind today.

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