By madowoi

Tree at Little Hunter's Beach

So I got up early and after a small breakfast drove across the island to walk along the Loop Road by Otter Cove. I was dressed super warm and had all my gear ready for an excursion in the cold. There was only one other car in the lot and no fresh prints - no sign of anybody else around. That is until I got down by the cove, when looking out into the ocean I could make out what sure looked like two people on surfboards. Got out my binoculars and sure enough...that is some very hardy folk if you ask me. My walk took me along the bluff overlooking the water and they noticed me looking down at them. One of them shouted out asking if I knew the time, and I was surprised his voice carried so clearly all the way across the water. I called out the time and went about my business. No photo, 'cause I don't have the sort of telephoto needed to get one.

That was really my only interaction on the walk. Little Hunter's Beach was sheltered and warm, and I felt like I could've have stayed there all afternoon. I took some photos and think I like this one best. The fact that it's apparently JoeTreeDay is a bonus I guess. My dad was also named Joe so I'll dedicate this to him as well. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. The hawk was back, perched in a nearby by tree sunning itself and keeping one eye on the feeder. Not to sound callous, but we've got some squirrels to spare, so I won't make much effort to warn them. 

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